ANAZ RESIDENCE ‘A project negotiating culture and identity’

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The grail of every Indian-Middle East settled person is to holiday back in homeland and experience
everything without compromising their everyday lifestyle which they have adapted to.
Designing something which is very contextual to what they lived in and to respect their adopted
lifestyle was the prime focus. The overriding challenge while designing this project was to reinterpret
the Middle East architecture to Indian climatic context, by unraveling the design elements and
The site is welcomed with feelings very conventional to the middle-east. The large gateway with less
transparency renders a sense of privacy and curiosity. The Formal Living room set apart from the
main residence bridged with a pool of water. The east side is bestowed with a double-heighted
family living and large perforated green facade. The design is created by exploiting the
traditional Middle East Architectural elements coupled with indian climatic context.

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